Saturday, January 31, 2009

Me and My Shadow

Groundhog Day is almost here, and the whole concept of that holiday is too much for my little guys to comprehend. But my older son is fascinated with shadows, and we wanted to have a little fun with our own shadow companions.BOOKS: We asked our favorite local librarian for suggestions on books about shadows, and she quickly pulled Shadows and Reflections by Tana Hoban. It's a simple book of photography with no accompanying words, but it's a great conversation starter. I would also suggest Dr. Seuss' The Shape of Me and Other Stuff. While it doesn't talk of shadows, children will enjoy the various silhouettes, and this ties in well when discussing the shapes of our own shadows.ACTIVITIES: Shadow Drawings -- We first attempted to draw the shadows of each other's hands on paper, and that was so much fun that we decided to head outside to trace full body shadows with chalk on the driveway. My son loved seeing how tall his shadow was as he stood in the late-afternoon sun.Shadow Puppets -- What child doesn't love using a flashlight to help make rabbits come to life on his wall from the shadow of his fingers? We enjoy trying to make various shadow characters and telling short, simple stories with them.


  1. You have the BEST ideas! Thank you so much for posting! We will be sure to use this.

  2. Great idea! I love traced the shadows made groundhog day relevant to him.