Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Real Hoot

BOOKS: After a trip to the Nature and Science Center, we became fascinated with owls. One of our all-time favorites is Owl Babies by Martin Waddell. But we also recently checked out "I'm Not Cute!" by Jonathan Allen from the library and really loved it.
ACTIVITY: Pine Cone Owls -- I saw these on another website, and had to give them a try. For this we got some pine cones, small pom poms, feathers, and yellow felt, and large googly eyes. Before the kids were involved, I did a tiny bit of prep work. I cut a triangle of felt for a nose and glued it to a pom pom. I then glued 2 googly eyes to pom poms. After all of that had a chance to dry thoroughly, my son glued the eye pom poms to the owl, sticking the pom poms as far in between the pine cone spikes as possible and using lots of glue. He then added the nose, and then glued some feathers to the top. The result was something to hoot about. Very cute.

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