Friday, January 1, 2010

Pizza Time

BOOKS: I can't believe I had never read William Steig's Pete's A Pizza before today. It's terrific and sentimental for me, as it reminds me of a game my dad played with me as a child. In the book, Pete is feeling grumpy, and to cheer him up, his dad pretends to make Pete into a pizza (stretching him as the dough, topping him with checkers as pepperoni, etc.) In my childhood, my dad would make me into a hot dog, and with my own boys (living in central TX) we do this same game with our own variation -- tacos!
1. Be a Pizza (Hot Dog, or Taco) Game:
Just as Pete's father does, simply act out the process of making pizza, using your child as the dough. Add whatever toppings, tickles, and silliness you wish. Now personally, I do like my version with the (soft) taco best because I use a blanket as a tortilla to wrap the kids in. They seem to love that part in particular. You really don't need any props for these games, (my dad always just pretended to squirt mustard on us hot dogs), but sometimes we use play food from our toy kitchen, sometimes we use checkers or pieces of paper as foods and condiments. Whatever you prefer is fine. Just don't forget to (pretend) to eat your delicious creation. :)
2. Make Pizza
What kid doesn't like getting messy in the kitchen? After reading this book, you're sure to want a slice or two. So why not gather the kids and make your own? We make our own crust (and I like this recipe on, but you could always buy pre-made crust from the store. The fun is putting it all together. Let the kids spread the sauce, sprinkle the cheese, and pile on their choice of toppings. The pizza always tastes better when they make it themselves. Enjoy!

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