Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nature Walk Faces

First I have to just own up to the fact that I am really having a tough time keeping up with this blog. It's not that there's any lack of reading or crafting in my home. In fact, the craft projects are coming on like gangbusters. I swear my two older boys are going through as much glue as a whole class of preschoolers. Anyhow, I find it so hard to actually sit down and post our activities. So here is a very delayed post. But I wanted to get in something related to Autumn before winter comes.

BOOK: I love Lois Ehlert's creativity. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet her a few years ago, and since speaking with her, I have an even greater appreciation for her storytelling and collage technique. I had never seen Boo To You! until a recent trip to the library. It's a lovely showcase of her use of objects found in nature to illustrate her story. I must disclose that my ultra-sensitive boys were not crazy about the tale, as they thought the mice were being too mean to the cat. They didn't seem to understand that the cat's objective was to eat the mice. And they thought that throwing broccoli (of all things) at the cat was such an insult.

ACTIVITY: Nature Faces
Just a quick browse of Lois Ehlert's pages would inspire anyone to copy her illustrative collage style, and so that is what we tried on a small scale.

First, we went on a little nature hunt in the front yard, picking up acorns, pecan shells, leaves, sticks, etc. Then I gave the boys a piece of construction paper cut in a circle shape to use as a face. The boys simply designed their faces with the objects found in the yard and glued them in place. The results were cute!

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