Sunday, January 11, 2009

Spinny Spin Spin

BOOKS: Before gathering some friends for salad spinner art, I used this as a chance to explain the concept of color mixing to my two-year-old. Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh was a perfect choice for this. Color Dance by Ann Jonas or Color Kittens by Margaret Wise Brown would also be good picks.ACTIVITY: I saw the idea for using a salad spinner for art on the Brassy Apple blog over the summer and had to try it ourselves. A few friends came over to join the fun. For materials you'll need a cheap salad spinner, small paper plates, and watered-down tempera paint in various colors. I mixed the paint into little squeeze bottles to make it easy for the kids to pour them. The kids put a paper plate upside-down in the spinner and then covered the plate with drops of paint of different colors. Then they got it spinning for a minute or two, and viola, instant colorful art. We hung them on the clothesline to dry.

We have done the salad spinner art several times since our first attempt. It's an easy classic favorite. And surprisingly it didn't make too much of a mess, although you'll never use the salad spinner for salad anymore.

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