Sunday, January 11, 2009

Spoon Friends

BOOKS: There are so many different titles about friendship. Right now my son is very excited about anything related to the Disney/Pixar Cars movie. So we read a movie tie-in book called Driving Buddies almost every day. His idea of friendship is exemplified by Mater and McQueen. But we also talk about friendship in books such as Bear's New Friend by Karma Wilson and Lisa and Corduroy in the original Corduroy by Don Freeman. Other great relationships can been seen in the Frog and Toad series as well as the George and Martha series. Good friendships are easy to find in children's books.
ACTIVITY: We made some easy spoon friend puppets that my sons are having a great time playing with. We took basic wooden spoons and glued on googly eyes and pom poms, and used markers to decorate as we wished. I wrapped scrap fabric around one and tied it with a pipe cleaner to create a dress. Anything works for these new friends!

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