Saturday, May 23, 2009

Recycled Robots

It's been a very long time since my last post. No excuses -- just really busy. And really pregnant. We're pretty shocked by the news that we're expecting our third boy this fall. So forgive me for taking such a long break from the blog. The boys have been doing a lot of painting, coloring, chalk drawings, play dough, and easy stuff lately. But we're getting back to some of our book-related crafts.

BOOKS: We checked out two robot titles from the library: Robots Everywhere by Todd Hoffman and Today I Am... a Robot by Jane Bottomley. I can't say that either book is really something the boys or I were totally blown away by, but I did have to read each several times upon request. So they were clearly enjoyed.
ACTIVITY: Recycled Robot -- You could make a robot, or in this case just a robot head, out of pretty much any recycled items. We happened to have a tin pie pan, some bottle caps, and silver pipe cleaners that inspired our little robot. Because my wiggly 16-month-old was involved, we opted to tape the items onto our robot's face instead of using glue. It was a very quick little project, and the boys were happy with the outcome.


  1. My son has a book with a robot in it (now I forget which one...a picture book) and my husband does a monotone "I am a Robot" when he points at it when reading the book to him. Just recently, the 18 month old does a robot impression too! It's hard to describe, but he basically just monotones out his babble. We'll have to check out this book for him. Thank you. :)

  2. Cute craft! Congrats on being preggo.

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