Friday, November 13, 2009

Leaf Characters

Fall is just starting to make an appearance here in central TX, but nonetheless we're feeling the spirit of Autumn. We've taken many nature walks in hopes of seeing some colorful leaves. We've been happy to find some reds and yellows, and hopefully as it gets cooler, we'll see some more.

BOOKS: Lois Elhert's Leaf Man really inspired us this year! The creative way in which she lays out the leaves as illustrations is really beautiful. After reading this book, we just had to try to make our own leaf characters. We also enjoyed reading Elhert's Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf. And Fall Leaves Fall! by Zoe Hall is also a really nice book for preschoolers about this season and the best part of fallen leaves -- jumping in them!
ACTIVITY: Leaf Characters
Leaf Man really inspired us to create. We started by making a leaf man, and then we made a cute leaf butterfly. I am sure that we'll be making many more leaf characters before the season ends.Basically, all we did was collect our leaves, and then lay them out in different styles until we were happy with the look of our "man". My son then glued the leaves down on construction paper.For the butterfly, my son glued down the leaves as wings, and I cut the body out of construction paper. Simple and cute.

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