Monday, April 19, 2010

More Spring Flowers

BOOK: I am so happy it's spring. I love spending time outside with the kids, especially knowing our weather ahead will be scorching hot too soon. The kids are also really into the season -- looking at birds, going on nature walks, pointing out flower buds, etc. It's Spring! by Samantha Berger is a sweet book featuring happy animals spreading the word that spring is here.

ACTIVITIES: The boys love pointing out flowers that are blooming all over town. So we've been making quite a few of our own (that won't bother my allergies). Here are a few we've tried recently.

1. Toilet Paper Roll Flowers
For this, I just cut a third of the of the cardboard roll and then made slits all around it for the flower petals. I also cut a strip of cardboard to use for the stem. Then, the boys painted them to their liking, we let them dry. And then we just taped them together. So simple.

2. Hand Print Flowers
The kids like doing any artwork that includes their hand prints. So this one was a big hit here. I simply traced the boys' hands on construction paper and cut them out later when the kids were playing. Then when all the cutting prep work was ready, the boys glued them to a strip of green construction paper as the stem.


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