Monday, August 31, 2009

Something Fishy

Inspired by the never-ending summer we're having in Texas, I thought we'd try a fish theme. We're enjoying splishing and splashing in the pools like little fish to beat the heat around here.

BOOKS: We love Lucy Cousin's Hooray for Fish!. The illustrations are so bright and cheery, and both my boys want to stop and talk about each fish as we read. We also enjoy Marcus Pfister's Rainbow Fish (and any other titles in his series). And we have a fun counting book, featuring really cool die cuts of fish called Fish, Swish! Splash, Dash! by Suse MacDonald.

ACTIVITY: Paper Plate Fish
My 20-month-old just LOVES art projects. I have been trying to keep things really simple so he can master the projects and enjoy them. For the fish, I started with two paper plates. I used the first plate just to cut out two fins and a tail. On the second plate, I cut a mouth and drew on an eye with black marker. I then glued the fins and tail onto the second plate and let them fully dry before involving the boys. Once dry, the guys painted away. My three-year-old used rolled up bubble wrap as a paint stamp to create the illusion of gills. My younger son just did his own thing, but wanted to paint lots of fish. We had a whole school by the time they were done.

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